How Dynamic LED Lighting Control Is Changing the Game for Industrial Businesses in Dallas

It was not that long ago that the term Dynamic Lighting Control didn’t mean anything beyond a couple of dimmer switches, and if you were lucky, an on/off timer. That isn’t the case for modern industrial business in Dallas, who are taking advantage of the recent technological leaps in the commercial lighting sector to not only save a few bucks on their energy bill but also provide create human-friendly lighting systems.

Here are 2 ways that commercial LED lighting can be augmented with a dynamic control system:

1. Tunable White LED Lighting  

The ability to control the color temperature of your lighting system is known as Color Tuning, and also sometimes referred to as variable white, hybrid white, or simply custom. With tunable LED systems, the overhead light fixtured are equipped with advanced LED light bulbs that are capable of adjusting their color output as the push of a button.

In residential settings this is mostly a matter of preference … choosing whether you’d like your light either “warmer” or “cooler.” But when it comes to industrial lighting, the ability to control the color temperature output can have significant advantages well beyond simple color preference.

As an example, a good lighting control panel will allow the user to program a number of different lighting “scenes”, each one with different levels of combinations of brightness, color temperature, and number of active LED bulbs, any of which can be activated with a simple switch of a button.

2.  Better Workplace Performance

Whether we’re talking about overhead factory lighting, outdoor lighting, or corridor lighting, or anything else, it is important to consider how both the quality and quantity of this light can affect workplace performance in significant ways.

According to research from the University of Adelaide, exposure to natural or simulated-natural light in the workplace was found to be one of the most important factors in employee job satisfaction. Beyond this, increased amounts of natural-temperature lighting was also capable of increasing work output and the overall health of the employee.

Tunable LED lighting strips and overhead lighting can help emulate natural light patterns, modifying its temperature over the course of the day. The result is a workforce that feels more naturally rested and comfortable while at work, which leads to a financial benefit that is truly hard to calculate.

Integrating Dynamic Lighting Control into Industrial Design

While there is no doubt that Dallas is full of old commercial properties with outdated lighting systems, the true potential of dynamic, tunable LED lighting for warehouses and office buildings can only be realized when these systems are integrated into the design and architectural process itself.

The Power of Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Tunable LED Lighting Systems might require the installation of new components or hardware in order to be effective, but that has not stopped this remarkable technology from becoming the norm at an impressive number of Dallas-area businesses.

As a functional design element, there is no quicker way to change up the “feel” of your industrial building or workspace. But as an investment in the health and happiness of your employees or tenants, it might well be unmatched in its value.