6 Little-Known Features Of Smart LED Light Bulbs

Today’s generation of light bulbs do more than just generate light. With the advent of smart LED light bulbs, today’s modern light fixtures now come with extra cool features such as wireless network connectivity, automatic scheduling, and even the ability to play music.

The future is indeed here, or at least as far as home lighting is concerned. If you’re still not sure what you get from smart LED bulbs and whether you should get them for your Dallas home, here’s a shortlist of features you can expect from smart LED lighting.

They Can Create Notifications For Incoming Calls

Never miss a call again by connecting your smart light bulb to your mobile phone. When you get a text or phone call, your smart LED bulb will flash, change colors, and even play your ringtone to notify you of the message or call. This might seem like a gimmicky feature — and maybe even a nuisance —but it can be incredibly useful for the hearing impaired, who must depend on visual cues for communication.

Say Goodbye To Ugly Wall Switches

Don’t you just hate it when you’re already comfortably positioned on the bed or couch, only to get up to switch the lights off or on? With smart LED bulbs, you only need to go to the smart bulbs’ proprietary mobile app to control them. Is it lazy? Absolutely. But it’s also very cool and something you’d expect to see in a Jetson’s episode.

Dimming Capabilities Are A Snap

Regular bulbs don’t have the ability to change their brightness without the addition of a special accessory or device. To have this feature, you’d usually need to hook up a dimmer to your lighting system. Unless you’re good with tools, this can be a tricky process needing the services of an electrician.

But with smart light bulbs, the dimming feature you want is built into each bulb. All you need to do is to control each device’s intensity of light using the app on your phone or tablet.

Timers Offer Convenience And An Extra Layer Of Security

Hate coming home to a dark house? Set a timer on your smart light bulb’s app and have the lights switch on and off at specific times of the day. It’s one less thing to worry about, not to mention you no longer have to fumble around in the dark looking for the switch. This is also a great security feature that gives people the appearance someone is home when you’re away.

Use Light To Set Your Desired Moods

Whether you want to have a romantic dinner at home, R&R in your bedroom, or a cocktail party in the living room, smart LED bulbs can be tweaked to change their lighting intensity and color, allowing you to create different lighting effects for different occasions. If you want to be productive, just switch your lights to a cool color temperature. If you want a relaxing ambiance, switch to a warm color temperature.

Control Single Or Multiple Bulbs At The Same Time

Smart LED light bulbs offer the ability to control your lights individually or as a group. This gives you several options for illuminating your living spaces and creating special lighting effects in each room.

Bottom line? Smart LED light bulbs are the future and they’re only going to get better.